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Love Healed Me [userpic]

Friends Only!

December 28th, 2003 (02:58 pm)

Mood: depressed

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Don't bitch at me on my journal! Don't like what I have to say; Don't add me!
DoN't TyPe LyKe ThIs! It annoys the hell outta me!
Don't add me to make your friends list bigger.
I dont expect you to comment on every entry, but try to atleast comment once and awhile.
I do surprise friends cuts; that is your warning.

Love Healed Me [userpic]


December 28th, 2003 (11:33 am)

Mood: depressed
Music ♫: Milkshake

I am bored bored bored! I am sitting here watching POTC for like the 100th time. My aunt is suppose to be coming in today from North Carolina, great! Oyea, before I forget, thanx to xsx8xsx for making the Care Bear in my info and the blinkie at the comments.

Anywho, last night Kelsea stayed with us. She came in my room and asked me to watch Pirates! Mom just looked at her and said "not u too". Yep I knew that was coming. Now if she starts liking LOTR she will be prefect. lol Yea Right! We only have a week left before we go back to school, gosh! I dont wanna go back! We have 9 weeks test too. I have forgotten everything. Bio/Eco. should be kindda easy, the other two is the problem. History is going to be a pain and English may not be that bad. Owell, I dont wanna leave this semester though. I have to talk to Ms. Carter when we go back and get her to change my schedule. I will probably be in Ms. Wheatlys Second and History 3rd then have independent 4th. Which that is one thing that I need cuz I have Alg 2 first block with Mr. Penlton. I should have a easy 2nd semester except for that class cuz history really isnt goin that bad. *shew*

I wanna go to the movies sometime this week to ROTK again but I dont know if mom will let me. Hutch invited me to go to the movies tomorrow to see PayCheck. I dont really want to see that but I dont know, I might go. If I can get someone to go with me to see ROTK, but I dont know if anyone will sit through that again. Sheena already said she wasnt. Kim will not go. I guess that I can call Kayla cuz she has been wanting to see it if she hasnt already. I guess I will have to call her and then ask dad if he would let me go. Hopefully he does! I really need to clean my car, I havent cleaned it in forever. It has been way too cold though. Well I guess I will update again later.


Me, I'm dishonest. A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for. 'Cause you can never predict when they're going to something...incredibly...stupid. ~Jack Sparrow~Pirates of the Caribbean

Love Healed Me [userpic]

Just Christmas!

December 25th, 2003 (09:48 pm)

Mood: bored
Music ♫: Figther

Well I got up at 8 this morning! What the Hell!?!? I slept all the way to mamaws house. I stayed up until about 3 last night. Gosh, I was about to die. Anywho I went there and stayed there most of the day like always. Came back home and clean my room for the first time in who knows when. It was very messy! The only thing neat was my walls and I wonder why that was. lol *cough*Legolas*cough* I got a lot from Christmas I guess. The biggest thing is sitting the driveway, yea that counts a Christmas present according to dad. Even though he got it about 4 months ago! Lets see I got my whole LOTR book collection, Lost Tales and everything. I got another poster. Then I mostly got clothes and money. *shew* Long day! I dont think I am going to dye my hair anymore, I am tired of messing with it. So I guess I will be leaveing it alone til Prom atleast. I cant believe Prom is almost here if u think about it, April I think. I cant wait to go Prom shopping! I have to get up early in the morning again to babysit, then I have to take my movies back. Come back home, and my aunts will probably be here. GREAT! I want to go back to the movies Saturday but I dont know if mom will let me. I hope so, I wanna see ROTK again. I think I am the only one around here that will sit through 4 hours and 37 mins of LOTR! Owell, dosent bother me any, I will go myself if anything. lol Well I hope everyone else had a great and safe Christmas.

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Love Healed Me [userpic]

Merry Christmas!

December 24th, 2003 (11:53 am)

Mood: drained
Music ♫: Kay and Kelsea running around the house!

What do u think of my journal?
xsx8xsx done the background for me and I love it! Thanx Sarah!


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Love Healed Me [userpic]

My Christmas List..... hehe

December 23rd, 2003 (10:30 pm)

Mood: dorky
Music ♫: Milkshake

Just because I was bored I thought that I would post my wish list on here. hehe I want this under my tree!!!

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Love Healed Me [userpic]


December 23rd, 2003 (11:54 am)

Mood: hopeful

Right now I have no background because I am searching for another one of Johnny. xsx8xsx is makeing me one I do believe. I guess I will see if that works.

I found these today. They are screencaps from the E! Entertainer of the Year Award inwhich Johnny won ofcourse.
Here They Are
Credited to: hnc97

Love Healed Me [userpic]

Legolas: The eye of the enemy is moving! ~ ROTK

December 21st, 2003 (12:14 pm)

Mood: cold
Music ♫: From Hell on TV...I rented it!!

Nothing to really update about just somethings I found! I also rented From Hell today! Johnny is awesome!

!!!Spoilers!!! If you havent seen it yet and you dont want to know anything dont look!
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Fox Trot:::Got these from mystico_tala
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Love Healed Me [userpic]


December 20th, 2003 (07:58 pm)

Mood: sick
Music ♫: Have U Ever.......Brandy

I have the Flu! I think I caught from my bro. *gosh* I have been asleep most of the day. I feel like crap but I guess that is expected really. Yep! So today has been really boring. I havent done anything but sleep. If I can I think I am going to go see ROTK one day next week. My brother was wanting to go see it and he said he would take me. That is great! That movie is awesome! I also got another poster yesterday I forgot about that. I got the Return of the King poster with Legolas on it. They had two, one had a lot of Pictures of Legolas all of it but it didnt say ROTK. So I got the one that is really close on his face and says ROTK. I love it, it is next too my TTT one. Now I need one for FOTR and I will have them all. I have nothing from fOTR. That is quite sad coming from me. Gosh! There is no one online, mystico_talawont be back for awhile. Grr! I need someone to talk too. Also hopefull I can go this week and try to find the movie Cry Baby with Johnny Depp. I have been wanting to see that forever but I have never found it, nor the movie Blow. Yea, I have been on a Depp High all month. I guess because of POTC. Understandable I guess!

I have a new icon of Johnny that someone made for me. I love it, My Obsession! My favorite picture of him too. Will at least I admit that I am obsessed!

I have not talked to hardly anyone from school. I will die before I go back but I dont wanna go back for nothing. I dont want the semesters to change for nothin. Next Semester is going to suck but atleast I get it changed. Then again I have to take one of Ms. Wheatlys classes that I missed. I have to be in there with a bunch of 10th graders. great! Owell, it is better than what I had in the first place. They changed my history though and that sucks too. I dont know of anyone who has history third, everyone had it 2nd. I cant believe that LJ is now free. It took me so long to find a freakin code and now they are free that sucks. That takes a lot out of it! Man, seeing that I am sick, I typed a whole lot. lol Gosh! Well I guess I better stop here, I will update later!

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gemini_ is a Rumburner! haha
Sorry Mags! lol

Love Healed Me [userpic]

Return of the King is the Perfect Movie!!!!!!

December 19th, 2003 (07:06 pm)

Mood: energetic

I just got back from seeing ROTK! AHHH!
It is awesome, OMG!! At the first of it, it shows about Gollum and everything and I thought was pretty awesome. Althought PJ cut out a lot of stuff that should have been in the movie that kindda made me mad but it was still an awesome movie. Legolas was the greatest as usually. Not that many parts for him though or any of the elves. He did have an awesome part during the battle with one of the elephants with the evil men. Then Gimili was like that only counted at one! That was great, that was one of my favorite parts. haha Then of course the end was awesome. They showed what happen to everyone except Legolas and Gimili. That really didnt stay that true to Tolkien but once again it was awesome. The EE of it will be better! Everything that was took out will be put back in and gosh! Things that were in the previews were even taken out, ahh! We will see the shire again, taken out and saurmon was completely taken out. He was mentioned once at the beginning that is it! OK i love the movie! Sheena went with me btw, lol! Shew, sorry i have ROTK fever! yea... Well lets see what else could I say bouts it, I cried. I mean if ya didnt u were crazy. yea right! lol Well I will update later!

Love Healed Me [userpic]

Let is Snow, Let is Snow, LET IS SNOW!!!!

December 17th, 2003 (04:04 pm)

Mood: stressed
Music ♫: **Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let is snow**

PLEASE gosh let it snow. It is freezeing cold outside!! brrrr!!!! *gosh* I have 9 weeks test tomorrow and a history quiz. I have to finsh my drawing for art! ahhh! Nervous Breakdown! I am going to be so happy when all of this is over with. My bro has the FLU! Great, if I dont already have it, I will get it! I already feel like shit! I think that everyone is getting it but that really is no surprise! lol I need to study!! Today has been a weird day really. I dont know why. Ummm...I feel like crap! ack! Well I think I am going to go study tonight and Pray for SNOW!!!! PLEASE LET IS SNOW!!!!! And of Course.......

ITS HERE!!! ROTK IS HERE!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! *DIES*!!!!!!!!!

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